Jan. 29th, 2016

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So time for yet another, personal blog post from yours truly.  So I had another blog post done and planned with only some proofreading needed and then my life sort of exploded and it’s full of changes and heartbreak and successes.

I’m now a official working artist. In the last month, I got not one, but two paid commissions and I ‘m so happy right now that I can moon walk. I can just hug everyone who decided to put faith into a relatively unknown artist? Thank you, so much. I love my paid commissions so much. It’s going to that much further help me to keep up this site up.  So nothing but love from them.

However, this month was a lesson in business, that scant business class in my first and only year of college did not in fact prepare for me for. So I been using a prepaid card with Amazon Payments for a long time, and I thought to be smart and open a business account with Paypal. Turns out, that PayPal doesn’t accept prepaid cards.

Another reason, why this sucks is because I HATE BANKS. They always nickel and dime you, and almost always shade-y about overdraft fees (I’M LOOKING AT YOU CHASE AND BANK OF AMERICA).  And then one of my payments from one of my commissions went to my mother’s bank and now I can’t get it back. It’s just been one big hassle.

Now, I just sign up online at my parents bank which seem to have decent fees, and I’m just waiting for the paperwork to come in on my email or at in the mail. Now, I have to tell my client that I might have to post-pone work on her book cover, and thank god I don’t have a real deadline or I would be screwed.

And speaking of changes?  I’m no longer the primary caretaker of five kids. Yeah,  it’s a long story that I won’t get into, but for the most part,  the kids are no longer under my complete care and it broke my heart to have to let them go. I’m still adjusting to this big change, because I have been in charge of the children’s care for a good majority of my adult life.  So it’s a huge change.

Another thing, is that I’m diffidently moving out of my parents house and living alone for the first time in my life.  I actually plan on moving out-of-state in the next few years as well, because I really hate how backward Texas has become in the last ten years.

So that’s a lot of change happening in a short amount of time. So now, that I finished updating you about my personal life, what’s happening with you guys? Let me know in the comments.  Also don’t to forget to sign up to get notified of any new posts. Thanks!


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