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So I tried screenwriting, and I tried Monster Zero Productions, trying to find some support for scriptfic writers, but it turns out that all the people on their indeify as men and they really have some dudebro opinions on things, not including politics. So as a feminist, and as a fandom first person, I found that I didn't have support in either fandom or with the monster zero. They would perfectly nice to me, but I felt I really didn't belong. Like I was just pretending, so I'm going back to my prose roots or sort of. I'm trying to see how to combine prose with the visual-ness of screenwriting format. What I loved about screenwriting was that it was immediate and it was visual.  What happens on the page is happening right at that moment, and it ws like you were. I have a writing project, that I will be doing called Strange and Beautiful. However, I think I need to get back in the swing of writing in prose. So I will be doing writing prompts and posting them here. 

Also, school has started and that means that I'm back to the art. It's not like starting over, but I got a great idea for 00Q reverse bang. And I'm looking forward to doing it.  Anyway, that's all for now. I'm off to write.

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