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Merman/Merperson Stiles StilinskiSo I wanted to do some sterek (or Teen Wolf) stuff, because I’ve been concentrating on 00Q lately. I also wanted to practice all my new skills with manipulation water textures as well.  This is also the result of all the awesome merman!stiles fics that I’ve read over the last few weeks.


http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Mermaid-Stiles3c-1024x768.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/02/03/a-mermens-tale-stiles-stilinski-photo-manipulation/
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Sterek Book CoverThis was done at the request of the fabulous Plot Queen, who basically gave carte blanche to do what I wanted. I actually was so nervous about doing this piece that I scrapped at least once version of this cover, before making this final piece. I love how it came out, and it’s a bit more violent than I usually go with my art, but it really fits the story.  But most of the credit goes to AshenSorrow who made such a fabulous pre-made background that just fit the atmosphere I was going for. So kudos to he/she/ze for that.

So do you love it or hate it?  I always love feedback, and feel free to tell me what you think.


P.S. Also, be sure to check out my blog and my other works here at my portfolio.

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http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Book-Cover-2-745x1024.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/01/22/dont-judge-a-book-sterek-book-cover/
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Spellbound-Set1Note: I did promise my readers a collage/storyboard for the posters that I did earlier this week. This is the first in a series of storyboards that I will be doing.

Summary:  One day after a heated argument, Derek kicks Stiles out of his pack.  A few weeks later, Stiles is moping around the house when his father is fed up and directs him to clean out the attic because they are selling their old stuff to Police Charity Bazaar.  Stiles reluctantly agrees, and as he cleans up the attic he literally stumbles upon his mother’s hope box.  The same hope box that Stiles remembers that his mother telling him to never open it.  In a fit of curiosity, Stiles opens the box and finds among the old family photos and junk a family grimiore.  Turns out, that his dearly departed mother was a witch. In fact, he is the last remaining descendant of a family of witches. Stiles ends up reciting a spell, and finds that his spell worked.  Stiles is determined to be a witch and to show the pack who that he’s far from being useless.

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Hope Is A Thing With Feathers by ShanaStorytellerSo fresh off all the awesome praise and love for my other book covers, I decided to move on to another favorite sterek story, “Hope Is Thing With Feathers” by ShanaStoryteller. I did two book covers for this one a more sterek verison which what you see here, and one that is more professional.

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Boy-In-Red25I actually got permission to do art for this work(and the rest of The Sum of It’s Parts Series) by @gingersnapwolves (Kouri Arashi) when I was working under another pseudonym. However, I really didn’t like the result and I wanted to give her something that was worthy of her awesome series.


ETA: I totally missed up on the title, so I reposting the corrected version.


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