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So right now, I have recently moved on from typography to color theory and as a quick primer I found this awesome infographic from UCreative and I thought I should share. You should totally check it out.

Color is an essential factor to the world of graphic design and advertising. Not only that it brings in depth and emphasis to a design but it also gives the feel and the mood of a design.Graphic design is not just only about making beautiful layouts and fantastic designs but it is also about connecting to the people who we are targeting at. In fact, one can consider it as a part of psychology because designers are tasked to understand and connect with people through designs.One tool that we designers use to connect with people is color. Color gives an array of emotional and visual cues. Apart from that it sets the tone and attracts people’s attention towards the design. While learning color theory is important for us graphic designers, it is also a great measure to understand what the meaning of different colors.  One good insight about color is from American stage director, Vincent Minnelli and he said: “I use colors to bring fine points of story and character.”Today we are going to feature this awesome infographic about the Psychology of Color.

Source: The Psychology of Color: A Color Guide For Designers

- http://gigikiersten.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/AColorGuideForDesigners_51087f68f22e5_w587-e1429667438918.jpg -http://gigikiersten.com/blog/2016/02/02/the-psychology-of-color-a-color-guide-for-designers/

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