Mar. 24th, 2016

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Storm (X-men)

I want to say first with a disclaimer that I love Halle Berry. She’s a wonderful biracial actress and I was proud that she continues to play the role of Storm. However, when I envision storm, I always envision someone with dark skin like mine. And when I was first introduce to Lupita Nyong’o, I was so happy that actress with the same skin tone as mine was being recognized as beautiful. You see in the black community, there is a great bias against people with darker skin. It too me a long while to figure out that just because I was darker than the rest of my family, that it didn’t make me less beautiful. So when speculation of who the young storm would be and Lupita’s name came up, I was overjoyed, because their would finally a superhero that looked like me on the silver screen.

I was a little a disappointed when they didn’t cast Lupita. So this is my tribute to Lupita and to my favorite African superhero, Storm. This piece was without a doubt a labor of love. I actually almost had a break down over getting her hair just right, because Lupita doesn’t look right with long hair. I am also not really sure I got the head size just right, but I had to finally shrug and make my best guest.


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