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Lady of The LThis was a piece that I couldn’t get out of my head, and I just had to do it. Again, it look simple but when I got into the details then everything turned really complicated. There are a lot components that made up this piece and I think this was one of the reasons why it was so difficult.


Drac Bride – 7 by mjranum-stock

Water by robhas1left

stock- ocean 2 by ToolKitten

Underwater stock 17 by EvilHateYouAllStock

colours fish by darkadathea


http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/LotL-744x1024.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/06/30/lady-lake-photo-manipulation/
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ROM2I had to take a long hiatus to do some work on the blogging side, and then my computer died and then I had to set up the new laptop. So long hiatus on the art stuff, and believe me I was sorry to do it. This is sort of a warm up, something familar and supposedly easy. This piece looks easy, but was hard as heck to do. I had to scrap the first piece, and this is the second draft. It really took a long time to get the details right.  It was the lighting and the shadows, and the rose. Don’t get me started on the rose.


magenta 4 by mjranum_stock

Long Stem Red Roseby TexelGirl-Stock


http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/ROM800-676x1024.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/06/10/rain-photo-manipulation/
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So the one thing I miss about writing is world building. It’s actually my favorite part of the writing process, and I have been tinkering with a world building making a secret society or underground of witches (which is gender neutral in my world) called Witchkind. I had the vision of a piece connected with my Witchkind world. And to me, Stiles is connected to this world (plot bunny ahoy)! And then I found the model for his body, and it evolved into a rocker/glam  rock kind of feel. The hardest part is getting the background just right. This piece was so difficult, with so many, many pieces. I really love the end result though.


stone floor – stock xvii by jesuisautre

SS-0191 Wall Vines by Stocking-Stuffer

Dark green by FreeDreamsDesigns

Jewelry: Earrings by DarkMaiden-Stock

Religion by matiasromero

Arcane Runes Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock

Alchemy II Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock

Energy Ballby collinwr

stock I by MD-Arts

http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Witchkind2e-Recovered2.png http://gigikiersten.com/2016/05/26/witchkind-book-cover-photo-manipulation-teen-wolf/
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The-Window-To-NowhereSo I have been sick lately and that has taken a chunk out of my art and blogging time. I’m feeling much better now, and I’m decided to do a simple photo manipulation to get back into the swing of things after my unexpected hiatus.  I really love the end result. The hardest part was cutting the existing background in the windows and getting the lighting and shading just right. In the end, it turned out pretty well. 🙂


Window by Cat-in-the-Stock

Foggy Forest 12 by sacral-stock

Grey Princess – Stock Preview by MariaAmanda | Photographer: Jan Holte Teller


http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/The-Window-To-Nowhere.png http://gigikiersten.com/2016/05/18/window-nowhere-photo-manipulation/
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Scifi3So I wanted to do some scifi book covers, and I actually recently purchased some scifi stock images and I saw the model while searching through Deviantart. I just had to make it. I really love it and although it looked simple, the text was the hardest part.


The Killer Elite – 15by mjranum-stock


http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Scifi3-745x1024.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/05/11/star-assassin-premade-book-cover-sale/
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Home-On-The-Range2So I wasn’t really happy with my first cowboy themed book cover, and I wanted to do more work with male models and I so created this. I’m loads happier with this book cover than the other one. Everything in it is actually photo manipulated and I had a ton of fun making it.




Wikipedia Creative Commons Images.

http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Home-On-The-Range2-745x1024.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/05/10/home-range-premade-book-cover/
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Shut Up and Drive I wanted have a more diverse set of book covers, and I decided to do something with a man on the cover. I saw this photo with the model and I was instantly inspired.  The model already had desert background, but I wanted to expand the scale of the background. I really like the end result.




http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/SUAD-745x1024.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/05/03/shut-drive-premade-book-cover/
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Princess2nbI wanted to do more book covers, and challenge myself. The  main part of the challenge was to do a book cover from only from creative common images. And everything is in fact from creative common images.  I also wanted to have a good cache of book covers to sell this summer. I also wanted to practice on making original covers.  Also, I really wanted to use the model, because it’s very rare to find affordable stock images with people of color.



Emerald & Diamond Tiara by Ed Uthman

http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Princess2nb-745x1024.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/04/28/distant-princess-premade-book-cover/
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Desert-SandsSo this piece was very much inspired by the model. I have been doing simple pieces lately to get back into the swing of doing art, and then I saw this stock art and just knew that I had to use it. I really didn’t have problems other than getting the blending just right. I also used the noise reduction technique to give it that digital painting feel. All in all, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve done with this piece.


STORMY by jl-modelstock

Desert 3 by B-SquaredStock

The Desert by LostSoulsArt

Desert by orangeapple29


http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Desert-Sands-966x1024.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/04/18/desert-sands-photo-manipulation/
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Dream A Little Dream So I’m sorry about the mini hiatus. Life has been crazy lately, and then my attention was taken up by the new blog I have called WTF The Mortal Instruments. It’s a relativity new a thing, and new blogs always take a lot of TLC to start up.   Then the add that all my motivation just dried up, and I had to push myself to complete this piece here. So anyway back to the piece itself, However, I’m back with a new technique, which is a faux digital painting style. I been meaning to ask how other artist achieved the effect, because I just love the end results. I found a video tutorial that taught me how to do it.


Window Tube by frozenstocks

Beds PACK 1 by BrokenFeline-Stock

Woods premade BG II by StarsColdNight

curtain Brushes 2by farmerstochter

Empty Room by hellonlegs

Dreaming Wide Awake II by Eirian-stock

http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/DALD-840x1024.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/04/13/dream-little-dream-photo-manipulation/
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Poseidon's -BrideThis piece took forever to finish and to get things just right. I found myself just tweaking and retweaking everything until I finally had to just make self get up and leave my computer.  I actually really like the blur and the almost ethereal feeling it gets the best. Also the model was perfect. :)


Greek Goddess 9 by Lisajen-stock

Ensenada’s Pacific Ocean View by rifka1


Wikipedia Creative Commons Images

Flickr Creative Commons Images




http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Posidens-Bride-1024x768.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/04/05/poseidons-bride-photo-manipulation/
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Moment in Time This is another premade book cover that is available for free for non-commercial book covers. This was very simple and quick to do. This was just another practice exercise that came out very well in my opinion.

Terms of Usage

This book cover is free for noncommercial use. I only requre for you to credit me, and link back here to this site.



Download Here 

http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/a-moment-218x300.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/03/31/moment-time-free-premade-book-cover/
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CreedSo I thought about selling this, but to be it reminds me too much of Assassin’s Creed for me to do anything commercial with it, despite the fact these images are licensed for commercial use. This book cover took me forever to do, and the roofs and setting up the city, and getting the lighting and shading just right was the hardest part of this piece. This really was a labor of love, and I’m so proud of how it turned out.




Terms of Usage: You can use it for free for non-commerical use only.  Please credit me and link back to this site, thanks!

Download Here

http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Creed-745x1024.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/03/30/creed-based-off-assassins-creed-premade-book-cover/
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Spring Lady So I did Winter’s Guardian and I like the thought of ongoing theme of doing pieces inspired by the seasons.   And since we are now obstinately entering the Spring season,  I thought I would do a Spring themed piece.


Fairy Stock V by Jumeria-Nox


http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Spring2-Final-1024x736.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/03/28/spring-sprung-photo-manipulation/
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Storm (X-men)

I want to say first with a disclaimer that I love Halle Berry. She’s a wonderful biracial actress and I was proud that she continues to play the role of Storm. However, when I envision storm, I always envision someone with dark skin like mine. And when I was first introduce to Lupita Nyong’o, I was so happy that actress with the same skin tone as mine was being recognized as beautiful. You see in the black community, there is a great bias against people with darker skin. It too me a long while to figure out that just because I was darker than the rest of my family, that it didn’t make me less beautiful. So when speculation of who the young storm would be and Lupita’s name came up, I was overjoyed, because their would finally a superhero that looked like me on the silver screen.

I was a little a disappointed when they didn’t cast Lupita. So this is my tribute to Lupita and to my favorite African superhero, Storm. This piece was without a doubt a labor of love. I actually almost had a break down over getting her hair just right, because Lupita doesn’t look right with long hair. I am also not really sure I got the head size just right, but I had to finally shrug and make my best guest.



http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/A-Storm-Is-Coming-Final-791x1024.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/03/24/storm-coming-x-men-photo-manipulation/
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Photo Manip This was just a really simple practice run to keep my skills in shape. I honestly wanted to do more with this piece, but I was tired and exhausted and was working on like a 25% of my brain. It’s not the best work I’ve done, but it’s not bad.


http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/highlander-1024x768.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/03/21/highland-girl-photo-manipulation/
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Photo Manipulation So this piece turned out nothing like I envisioned it would be in the end. Seriously, it was supposed to have this hot check layout over an American flag  painted car on a road with the sunset. As you can see none of this happened.  I actually like the end result and again it looks simple but this took me like 7 hours to complete *smh*. I think I might do another piece this week, and that’s it. I’m not sure. I’ll see how my weekend turns out.


http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Lost-On-The-Road-842x1024.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/03/18/lost-long-road-photo-manipulation/
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LWM_BookCover2 LWM_BookCoverJess, whom I have done two previous book covers for decided that she wanted a third one done for another anthology of her poetry. She wanted something a little different, and I was inspired by some art that I found on pinterest.  Admittedly, it does remind me of the twilight book cover, but I think I put my own special twist on it that anyone can spot the subtle differences :D!


http://gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/LWM_BookCover2-745x1024.jpg http://gigikiersten.com/2016/03/01/liberation-memory-jess-eternamente-fraga/
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Perdido Book Cover ap_bookcover3Okay, after a week of being so sick that I couldn’t freaking work,  I actually got the acutally urge to write. So I wrote this sad little Buffy fic (I recently read the comics) and I got caught up in a whole lot of Buffy feels. I decided to write a biracial latino Xander (because I love shoving diversity everywhere I can) and ended up with 800 words of weird notfic.

What I posting right is actually the second draft of the cover because I accidentally chose to work with stock that was for DeviantArt use only.  So I had to change the model at the last minute.


Headstones 01 by @wolverine041269

Stock Stormy Clouds 1 by @minifoot

Stock Photo – Foggy Cemetery 1 by @dead-stock

rain texture by @spoofdecator

Black Rain Drops by @ticklemeimsexy

Gripping Drops by @namespace

wookiestock:62 by @wookiestock

http://i1.wp.com/gigikiersten.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/ap_bookcover2.jpg?fit=737%2C1024 http://gigikiersten.com/2016/02/29/algo-perdido-photo-manipulation-book-cover/

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